Who we are

We are a company with over sixteen years of experience that always puts our clients first. We instill positivity, creativity and fun into every project we work on and build strong relationships among our clients and employees. We are diligent in providing world class service for world class results.

Meet Our Leadership Team Meet Our
Leadership Team

Jeff Wickley

Founder / Chief Creative Officer

Referred by the Wickley crew as their “Fearless Founder”. Jeff is a punk rocker at heart and is unbelievably adept at many things. He is the epitome of a “jack of all trades” and has a great sense of humor to boot. Jeff believes that his dot-com upbringing has molded him into the entrepreneur he is today. He excels in design, programming, art, touring and just about anything else he touches. Jeff surrounds himself with those that he believes are talented, strong and hardworking individuals to create an overall dynamic, strong and successful team.


Melinda Wickley

Chief Executive Officer

Melinda brings a breadth of marketing, accounting and leadership experience to the table. It is Melinda’s deep and demonstrated track record of maintaining client relationships that has put Wickley on the track to high success. Melinda is always working on her craft and studying trends, often driving the technology that is driving the industry. She has taken the helm of Wickley by the horns and is paving the way for a very bright future!


Gina Marie Gurtiza

Chief Operating Officer

Gina is the firecracker in the office, and brings much experience in the sales, training and business growth arenas. She brings more than two decades of proven expertise executing key business strategies and objectives and has a strong talent for strengthening companies to effectively compete in their industry. She has worked for Fortune 500 companies and brings her skills to drive business growth, capitalize on new revenue potential while making everyone enjoy the journey at the same time! Gina Marie’s primary role is to ensure the organization’s stability and growth. She makes everyone around her feel comfortable almost immediately and surrounds herself with positivity and determination.


Shaman Morris

Chief Information Officer

Shaman Morris is Wickley’s fountain of programming knowledge. Shaman has extensive experience in his field and is well respected by all that know him and work with him. Shaman is highly skilled in programming and information technology. He is a key contributor in formulating strategic goals and works closely with the other executives analyzing and reworking business processes. He works diligently identifying and developing the capability to use new tools, while reshaping the enterprise’s physical infrastructure and network access, and in identifying and exploiting the enterprise’s knowledge resources.